Redline Guiding is Born

imageI started down my own road. Getting married changed things for me, for her, for both of us. We each needed to start fresh. The path I was already on as a mountain guide is an enjoyable one, so I upped the ante in that direction: I started my own guiding agency in North Conway. Thus, I’m happy to share with you the birth of Redline Guiding.

It’s a happy time, but a scary one, too. In essence I quit a job I loved, working for some guys I admire, to do the same thing I was doing, but this time for Barb and myself. We hope to do well. I sank myself into this one (said from someone who founded and ran a successful mail order company for twenty years). Lock, stock, and barrel. Yep, scary times.

If you’re reading this we hope you’re one of those who will root for us to succeed. Did you know you can do more than just cheer us on? If you want to help, besides the obvious gesture of actually hiring us to guide you to a winter summit or train you to master some backcountry skill, you can do some simple things that can mean a lot.

Perhaps it is bold to ask for a push, but everything is riding on this. I combined various skills I have (web development, photography, writing, outdoor leadership), and I have worked my butt off this summer. The result: we will hopefully have a good showing.

In advance, I thank you for the love. <3

5 thoughts on “Redline Guiding is Born

  1. Wishing you every success. I believe you have what it takes to make this new endeavor a real winner. You are offering a service that many want and need. When it comes to the mountains you have amazing knowledge and expertise that will benefit the new or experienced hiker.

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