I am a mountain guide — living the dream of making a career out of sharing the pleasures of the mountains with the uninitiated or the unsure — and always on the path of learning and improvement. This is where I am. This page is meant to document my goals, to mark my way along this path I’m on, to record where it carries me, and, ultimately, how I use it in my life. This page is presented in four parts: my Peakbagging Lists, my Climbing Log, my Formal Training, and my Employment and Volunteerism.

I will be editing this page as needed. Stay tuned for updates (last: Nov. 1st, 2022).

Peakbagging Lists

Because it is there,” is an oft-cited reason for climbing mountains. It’s the truth. These lists exist, guiding many into a life of adventure. They don’t have to be completed, but it’s so much fun to try. I am not actively working on many of these, but I decided I may as well keep track of my progress when I do happen to hike one of the many “needed.”

  • NEHH (New England Highest): 92/100Lifetime
  • NH4KBC (48 NH4k on Backcountry Skis): 6/48Lifetime
  • MW (Mt Washington Attempts/Summits): 116/95 – Lifetime
  • SS48 (Figure this one out for yourself): 17/48Lifetime
  • GRID (NH4k per Month, 48×12): 272/576Lifetime
  • TW72 (Trail Wrights 72): 66/72 – Lifetime
  • Belknaps (Belknap Range): 12/12Lifetime
  • Redline (29th Edition): 1440.4/1440.4 miles or 100%Lifetime
  • T25 (Terrifying 25): 34/34Lifetime
  • 52WAV (52 With A View): 52/52Lifetime
  • NE4K (New England 67 4000-Footers): 67/67Lifetime
  • NHW4K (New Hampshire Winter 48 4000-Footers): 48/48Lifetime
  • NH4K (New Hampshire 48 4000-Footers): 48/482013 Single Season
  • NH4K (New Hampshire 48 4000-Footers): 48/482012 Single Season
  • NH4K (New Hampshire 48 4000-Footers): 48/48Lifetime

Climbing Log

Below is a list of some of my more notable hikes and climbs, et cetera. Many of the local treks have been done multiple times. There is a lot not shown in the interest of saving space. Note: These are NH peaks/climbs unless stated otherwise.

  • Redlined the 29th Edition of the White Mountain Guidebook.
  • Thru-Hiked Vermont’s Long Trail, S-N, Mass to Canada 9/17-10/6/15
  • Three Season List: 67 4000-Footers in New England (ME, NH, & VT)
  • Three Season List (ME): 14 4000-Footers
  • Ski Mountaineering: Eastern Snow Fields (NE, SE) Mt Washington
  • Ski Mountaineering: Gulf of Slides (Main), Oakes Gulf (Airplane)
  • Pinnacle Gully, Huntington Ravine (Ice-Alpine, Part Lead, WI2-3)
  • Mt Washington Complete via Ski Mountaineering the Cog
  • Three Season List (VT): 5 4000-Footers
  • Mt Shuksan, 9,131′ (WA) via Sulfide Glacier
  • Mt Rainier, 14,410′ (WA) via Disappointment Cleaver (x2)
  • Mt Hood, 11,249′ (OR) via Hog’s Back and Old Chute (x2)
  • Ski Tuckerman Ravine (Right Gully, Little Headwall, Sherbie)
  • Winter List: 48 4000-Footers in NH
  • Mt Kahtadin, 5,269′ (ME) Baxter and Hamlin, incl. Knife Edge
  • Whitewall Mountain Slide, Bushwhack
  • Shoestring Gully (Ice-Alpine, Part Lead, WI2-3)
  • Willey’s Slide (Ice-Alpine, Part Lead, WI1-2)
  • Cathedral Ledge (Ice): Thresher WI3
  • Lincoln’s Throat (Mixed-Alpine) ~M3-4 (Extreme Conditions)
  • Cathedral Ledge (Trad Leads): Upper Refuse 5.5, Thin Air 5.6, Kiddie Crack 5.7
  • Whitehorse Ledge (Trad Lead): Sliding Board 5.7
  • Rumney Rocks (Sport Lead): Preppy’s Crack 5.7
  • Humphrey’s Ledge (Trad Lead): Let Them Eat Cake-Cake Walk, 5.7
  • Sundown Ledge (Trad): Punk Rock 5.7+, Classic Rock 5.9
  • Three Season List: 48 4000-Footers in NH
  • Huntington, King Ravine, and Six Husbands Trails
  • Mt Tripyramid (North Slide), Great Gully, and Madison Gulf Trails
  • One-Day Presidential Traverse (to Mt Webster)
  • One-Day Winter Bonds Traverse (including Mt Hale)
  • Dolomites (Italy), multiple summits over three years
  • Wasatch Range (UT), multiple summits over one year
  • Minami Alps, (Japan), multiple visits and summits
  • Mt Fuji, 12,389′ (Japan), sunrise summit
  • Lassen Peak, 10,463′ (CA), multiple ascents
  • Yosemite (CA), multiple summits, incl. Half Dome & El Cap
  • Grand Canyon (AZ), multiple times
  • Mt Washington, 6288′ via all trails

Formal Training

A list of schools, classes, and anything related to my professional training and continued learning. I can never stop. I will share something with you, though: these programs are a lot of fun and richly rewarding. Combined, I hope they will help me the best I can be.

  • AVSAR Search and Rescue Training (AVSAR) – Completed in 2018
  • LNT Awareness-level Refresher (LNT) – Completed in 2017
  • AVSAR Search and Rescue Training (AVSAR) – Completed in 2016
  • American Heart Association CPR Re-Cert. (Private)- Completed in 2016
  • Trail Adopter Basic Skills Refresher (USFS) – Completed for 2016
  • AVSAR High Angle Rescue Training (AVSAR) – Completed for 2015
  • AVSAR Search and Rescue Training (AVSAR) – Completed in 2015
  • Professional Development Training (NEM) – Completed in 2015
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Recert. (Solo School) – Completed in 2015
  • Waterfall Rescue Training (NEM) – Completed in 2015
  • River Cross and Survival Training with SAR Working Group – Completed in 2015
  • American Heart Association CPR Re-Cert. (Memorial Hosp.) – Completed in 2014
  • Leave No Trace Awareness Trainer School (LNT) – Completed in 2014
  • Low Angle Rope Rescue Training (NEM) – Completed in 2014
  • Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue 2 (AMC-NH) – Completed in 2014
  • AMC Class 1 (4-season) Leadership Mentoring Program – Completed in 2014
  • AVSAR Avalanche Rescue Refresher (AVSAR) – Completed in 2014
  • AVSAR Winter Rescue Training Day (AVSAR) – Completed in 2013
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course (AMGA) – Completed in 2013
  • AMC Class 2 (3-season) Leadership Mentoring Program – Completed in 2013
  • Trail Adopter Basic Skills Session (AMC) – Completed in 2013
  • Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue (AMC-NH) – Completed in 2013
  • Winter Leadership School (AMC-NH) – Completed in 2013
  • Advanced Winter Travel School (AMC-NH) – Completed in 2013
  • Avalanche Training Level 1 Cert. (AMC-NH) – Completed in 2012
  • Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Cert. (Solo School) – Completed in 2012
  • American Heart Association CPR Cert. (Solo School) – Completed in 2012
  • NHRPA-trained trail creation and maintenance (YACC, Pawtuckaway) – Most of 1980
  • USFS-trained trail creation and maintenance (YCC, Kilkenny) – Summer 1976

Note: The YACC, noted above, is a defunct Federal program.

Employment and Volunteerism

This is a record, on-going like the others, of any employment or volunteerism related to hiking, guiding, or anything mountain. I started young, and I hiked a lot in my life as mentioned on my ABOUT page, then things changed, but I’m back.

  • Owner and Guide for Redline Guiding LLC2016-Ongoing
  • Accepted onto the AVSAR Winter Above Treeline Team – 2014-Ongoing
  • Member of Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue – 2013-Ongoing
  • Class 1 (unrestricted/4-season) AMC Trip Leader – 2014-Ongoing
  • Wild Navigation Master Instructor for NE Mountaineering – 2014-2016
  • Event Organizer for the Hike with the AMC-NH (Meetup) – 2014-2016
  • Mountaineering Skills Instructor for NE Mountaineering – 2013-2016
  • Spring School Instructor at Cardigan for the AMC – 2015-2016
  • Winter Camping Instructor for NE Mountaineering – 2014-2016
  • Snowshoe and Foliage Guide for NE Mountaineering – 2014-2016
  • LNT Awareness Trainer for NE Mountaineering – 2014-2016
  • Alpine Mountaineering Full Guide for NE Mountaineering – 2013-2016
  • Waterfall Rappelling Full Guide for NE Mountaineering – 2013-2016
  • Rock Climbing Junior Guide for NE Mountaineering – 2013-2016
  • Ice Climbing Junior Guide for NE Mountaineering – 2013-2016
  • Trail Adopter: Valley Way (Scar Tr to Gulfside Tr) – 2013-2015
  • Event Organizer for the Random Group of Hikers (Meetup) – 2013-2014
  • Event Organizer for the New England Peakbaggers (Meetup) – 2012-2014
  • Class 2 (3-season) AMC Excursions Leader– 2013-2014