Welcome to My World

This site is meant to serve a couple of purposes: One is to allow me to document my affair with the mountains: hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing on and around them, and living the dream as a mountain guide. The other purpose is to openly share the mountains with others by offering through my BLOG inspiring stories of epic adventure, a few photographs, and useful educational information that will help others relish the mountains as I do: with understanding, safety, and confidence.

A Love of the Mountains

I love the mountains — especially those found in the northeast: New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont — and hiking gets me as close to them as possible. Total immersion, living them in the slow lane, one step at a time. Breathing the air, the smell of balsam fir; clean, cold, alive. The stark silence on a winter day, cut by the sound of the wind. The change from the deciduous forest to the conifers changes all who traverse it. It awakens me. And when I enter the alpine zone and head above treeline, I become complete. The air thins, the sky clears, the sun shines, and the weight of the world is lifted from my shoulders. It simply doesn’t get better. I smile. I like sharing this with others. To see them change as well. It’s an exclusive club because one has to work for it, but I’m hoping that through my actions, words, and pictures, others can join. Not too many, but a few hearty souls is okay.

I hope you enjoy this site and its content. To learn a little more about me and some of the stuff I’ve done, please check out my ABOUT and PATH pages. If you’re not finding what you need there, please feel free to CONTACT me or visit me on FACEBOOK.